Super Bowl Commercial Advertisement


The Super Bowl always catches the worlds eyes, from the entertaining half time performances to the completely ridiculous commercials  being played for a large fortune, you will easily find yourself laughing at some point. Don’t get me wrong most sports fans watch this annual game to see which team comes out on top, but this year the Calvin Klein add caught many viewers attention.

The upbeat music blaring in the background wasn’t the only noticeable thing that sparked my attention but the attractive man wearing the so called “Concept” underwear. This short sixteen second commercial will surely forever be stuck in my head. Although we are living in a modern society, where mostly everything is in color, this advertisement is shown in the rarely seen black and white. I personally do not believe this is a controversial topic, but to men watching they may find this to be odd. Why would a company have a muscular grown man in an ad during the Super Bowl? We can’t assume that only males watch the game, women do as well. We look at this male figure and most of the viewers are stunned because this is the ideal body in the world we are living in. This not only advertising underwear for men but makes us as viewers stop and realize we should all look at our appearance especially since we often find a new gym being built on almost every corner.

Calvin Klein did an awesome job with this short commercial. It did the job it was suppose to do, sell the produce and show the world what we as people are suppose to look like. Skinny and fit! Image image credit: Nicola.Albertini via Compfight


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