Education Through A Professional


This week I was assigned to interview a person whose profession is associated with Public Relations. I automatically knew exactly who this person would be. I use to be a nanny in the summer time while I had time off from school. Ends up the mother who I was a nanny for has background and knowledge about this field. Her name is Rene Martin and she currently works for OneAmerica Financial. Since she is currently busy working full time and a mother of three children, I figured the easiest way to conduct this interview was through the phone. I asked her a variety of questions related to her career and her experience.
Questions asked during the interview:
1. What is a typical week like while you are working?
A: I am constantly in scheduled meetings and interviewing people for future jobs.Overall we talk about what is going on with the company, the employment side,and also if OneAmerica is currently being brought up in the news. I also do a lot of public service announcements.

2. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in this industry?
A: Be as open minded and flexible as you can. Think outside the box and put yourself in another persons shoes. If you are delivering a message make sure it represents the company in a way they want to be represented. You may have to play devils advocate but use problem solving skills. Also be responsible and on top of your work. If a company sees you were involved in college and graduated in a good academic standing then you are more likely to be looked upon.

3. Did your education prepare you for your job?
A: Yes, it taught me the knowledge I needed for this career. It also taught me to stay on top of current events in the world and to be an expert in what you are doing. You have to know at all times what competitors are doing as well.

4. Do you believe this industry has changed?
A: I do, the lack of integrity, people can be dishonest because they are interested in the image. The companies need to be more focused on their actual values than what sounds good to your audience. People lose cite of what is important.

5. Where are you currently working?
A: I am working for OneAmerica in their Human Resources department, there is also a Public Relations and Marketing department but we all go together hand in hand.

6. Do you believe technology has helped or hurt this industry?
A: I believe it is both ways. Technology has helped us be more up to date and receive news faster but sometimes that destroys companies.

I also asked Rene if she uses linked in or any sort of online cite to get herself out there as a professional and she did mentioned LinkedIn. She believes that using the internet to promote yourself in certain career fields is the best way to find jobs or be contacted for a job.

Image Credit via Compfight: Nic McPhee

Image Credit via Compfight: Nic McPhee


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