JPMorgan’s Poor Decision Leads To Paying A Large Amount Of Money


Unethical behaviors occur throughout the work place more often than one may notice. Each person has their own values and that is the same for businesses. There have been some mistakes made by companies that have been noticed along the way. One example is JPMorgan Chase. This company is known for being one of the worlds largest financial institutions. Unfortunately, this company was supposably caught “committing civil fraud.” To settle the charges they must pay $228 million dollars. According to this article by Bryan Cain-Jackson, JPMorgan’s Latest Show Of Unethical Behaviors,JPMorgan’s Securities LLC made secret deals with companies to see competitor’s offered certain cities and counties. This sketchy business made a lot of money for JPMorgan Chase. After reviewing what occurred, the employees involved were let go. Also according to this article, JPMorgan Chase employees are given large bonuses and the company realizes that they will not be receiving any money back. This does not bring shock to my mind. I am sure there are many more unethical decisions being made by other companies especially larger ones. The amount of money JPMorgan Chase has to pay due to a poor decision blows my mind but I believe this will be a lesson learned by those past employees.

Image Credit via Compfight: TheeErin

Image Credit via Compfight: TheeErin


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