Are You A Successful Press Release Writer?


Although, Twitter and Facebook have caught many social media users eyes, press releases have continued to impact the world of public relations. More of than not, popular news stations are connected to current stories, along with newspapers. With the ongoing use of social media, we tend to first draw our attention to those. Not saying it is bad that we use these forms of communication a little too often, but according to press releases are known as ” A public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments.” Personally this sounds identical to what news teams produce. With that being said, press releases are still used and should continue to be looked at as informational. 

Following are a few tips that may help you in exceeding while writing a press release.

#1. According to Bill Stoller’s PublicityInsider, always write from a journalist standpoint. This means never use “I” or “we”, excluding when something is being quoted.

#2. Also from PublicityInsider,  the shorter the better. Maximum of two pages, shoot to make your statement in one though. 

#3. From wikiHow, you should start with the headline. Be as clear as possible and to the point. To follow this advice, they also state that it would be best to save this for the end. Which means writing this after the rest of the release.

#4. You should tell the reader the 5 Ws: Who, what when, where, why and don’t forget how.

#5. Last but least, in the body of your press release give the details of what you want to say. Also from wikiHow, journalist do not have time to search what your company is announcing. 

Hopefully this advice will help those who may be troubled with understanding press releases. Make your point, be clear, and give as much detail in as little writing. 


 image credit: Luc De Leeuw via Compfight 



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