Want To Increase Business, Tweet Away!


The use of Twitter continues to grow and more hashtags continue to appear in each tweet. Large companies, such as McDonalds and Subway have hit this social media when it comes to promoting their food and to launch campaigns.

Trust me, I completely see a positive side to tweeting. If customers are following you and notice an advertisement for something you are selling, they are more than liking going to be interested and this will cause your business to grow. Although, Subway did have a little mistake when it came to using hashtags they certainly got the catchy five dollar footlong stuck in my head. Along with the five dollar football commercial, Subway tried to use the hashtag #5dollarfootlongs but soon caught on to what users of the popular Twitter thought meant something else when someone tweeted,” #5dollarfootlong thats what she said”. Pretty funny huh?

 Hashtags are used to start conversations and I believe it is an awesome way to get attention from tweeters. But with this being said, hashtags are also used to advertise, promote and receive business from customers. You must be careful with what you are trying to say. Hashtags are used to start conversations and I believe it is an awesome way to get attention from tweeters.

I believe companies could have a large success if they use #hashtags correctly but as I said before you need to be careful because just like the Subway story there are other businesses with failure stories as well.

 Subway left the comical five dollar football hashtag up and running, which I believe that is totally fine. It drew attention from those who have a bit of sense of humor and caught the eyes of those who probably considered making a trip for a delicious foot long sandwich. 


image credit: Craig Sosonko via Comfight



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  1. I completely agree with this, I think twitter can be a great thing for a company but only if it is used right. Sometimes these companies just have to be a little more careful with what they hashtag because things can obviously be taken the wrong way. Great post!

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