Give Me Some Info!


Blogging isn’t just about expressing your ideas, you can also stay up to date with the world and what is occurring around us. Whether you are a well-experienced blogger or starting out with no experience at all, there are tips that will help you gain attention by readers. The following tips listed are from Inc, Talascend, and Campus Reform.

1. Position yourself as an expert- with this being said, people are more often than not turning to the world-wide web for information on how to, recipes and events taking place. If a reader asks a question about your blog post, give them feedback. This draws attention to your blog and makes the writer seem as an expert to the subject.

2. Have a purpose- Don’t make a pointless blog, this will draw readers away. If you make a clear point to what you are wanting to say this will keep the reader interested. Following this statement, if you aren’t focused on a certain topic with your blog, put your personality into it. 

3. Learn something- This should be a learning experience for you as well. Even if you share information and your knowledge grows afterwards, continue to update your audience.

4. Frequency- You should post blogs often. If there is a new post from your blog and readers continue to see your name, they will continue to return for more.

5. Graphics- Pictures draw our attention! Especially if you are writing for a young audience, visuals help up stay connected to the writing. There is no limit to how many images, or videos you post.


Hopefully these tips will help you become a better blogger. Being new to blogging, I know these helped me understand where I need to become stronger. Always be yourself, this will draw attention to your blog and make it more personal. 

Have a great day! 



image credit: Sage via compfight


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