The Real Test Is Here!


As the year quickly goes by and employees of businesses worked hard to promote their company, so does the end of the year. This is the time where companies determine their effectiveness for Public Relations campaigns. Whether the results are outstanding or down right failing, companies will receive some sort of news. The following information is given by the MMI Public Relations. Let’s see what decides their effectiveness!

Spotlight Results: At the beginning of a campaign, identify what you consider to be results. Media placements at advertising dollar value – often called Ad Equivalency – can be calculated but do not always factor in the tone of the article, or if it was above the fold or below the fold. If you are doing a social media campaign, set goals for engagement, followers, etc. at the beginning and set mid-campaign goals to make sure you are on track!

Apples-to-Apples Comparison:As a company engaged in a public relations campaign or strategy, don’t compare yourself to another company larger or smaller than you. For example if you are a small company, don’t compare yourself to a large Fortune 500 company and expect to get the same coverage and brand awareness. Instead, compare yourself to a similar direct competitor and strive to best them.

Learn From Success: What’s working? What’s not? Effectively answering this question throughout the life of your campaign will allow you to make adjustments to garner more coverage

Get The Right Results: Getting a ton of results is great for your own sense of accomplishment – and let’s face it, your pride! However, these results may not matter to your client. Focus on the results that take your client’s message and penetrate the target audiences with a lot of reach.

Determine What Is Important To Your Client: Each client’s goals and objectives are different, and clearly establishing what is primary, and how you will measure the results garnered to obtain these goals and objectives is important.

These are just a few of the ways this company measures their campaign effectiveness. To me this seems vague but if it is serving it’s purpose then keep at it! 




image credit: Josef Stuefer via Compfight


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  1. Great blog post, Liz! I like the names that were given to go along with each description. The apples-to-apples comparison one was probably my favorite tip. It makes sense to not compare a company to one much larger than itself, but it still happens quite often.

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