A Quick Ending


It’s is that time, dead week then final exams. As most are looking forward to summer, I am still questioning where the semester went. Seems like yesterday when I walked into Intro to Public Relations class. A little worried this class wouldn’t be for me or that I wouldn’t know anyone, I have realized that Public Relations is all that I expected and more. After walking into class to notice our instructor for the semester was here to help us succeed. Although I was surrounded by mostly upperclassmen or aviation majors I continued to remind myself that this was the major I picked and I was here to learn not to worry about whether or not I had friends in class with me. 

Even though the class was anything but quiet and calm, I really enjoyed listening to the conversations we would have during class. I loved that Ms. Mullen encouraged us to use social media as a way to get our names out and to blog. It has been a great way to get in touch with companies that you could see yourself working for.

Since the end of the semester has arrived we were assigned a group project as our final exam. My group was assigned Ryve’s Youth Hall. I have learned so much about this non-for-profit organization that I would have probably never even realized was right down the road from campus. We have planned an event which will take place by the fountain on Indiana State University campus. We will collecting $1 for anyone who would like to play corn hole and collecting any donations. 

This class has been a major help and has helped me decide what career path I would like to follow. It’s been awesome!




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  1. I totally agree with this post. Especially the rowdiness of the class! Haha. It wouldn’t have been as interesting with out that though. So glad that we got to know each other so well, and will be working together this summer with our internship. : )

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