Code Of Ethics

Lizabeth Stum


I am studying Public Relations and Communications. This document that follows shows the ethics and commitment I am looking for in a future company. While looking into the business world I expect to find these concepts in the organization. The company must demonstrate and show examples throughout their work and must continue to exist throughout my employment.


Commitment- being determined and dedicated

  • The company will be fully involved and vow to reach their highest level of potential with any project or task.
  • Each employee with have the same level of determination and will always be willing to take on any assignment to fully maximize the companies standards.


Honesty- sincere, truthful, and loyal

  • Employees will give their full opinion and present their best information in the up most confidence.
  • The company will remain loyal to their word and will continue to follow their beliefs when it comes time to make large decisions based on the companies future.
  • The organization will be truthful with me when I have made a mistake and will have my back in times of help.


Time Management- pace and present

  • The organization will allow each employee time to prepare for upcoming tasks and assignments will not be thrown at you without notice.
  • Each employee of the company will be allowed to pace themselves but there will still be a structured schedule within the company.


Encouragement- being able to inspire and support

  • The company should stand by you as the employee for support throughout the work day as some may struggle.
  • There must be new ideas inspired throughout time to keep the company as updated with our society as possible.


Respect- proper treatment and fairness

  • The company should give fair treatment to each employee. No one should be favored or put on a pedestal. If there are achievements, honor the employee for their progress.

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